Thursday, 20 August 2015

Flying Fashionably*

 I am one of those people that plan’s every outfit for my holiday including the one to the airport. For me there is nothing wrong with flying fashionably as long as it is comfy as well. So today’s post is all about what to wear to the airport as well as remembering those all-important hand luggage rules from Purple Parking.

There are a few items of clothing that I feel are perfect airport items; a maxi dress or skirt, culottes or flairs, flatforms and a chunky knit. The chunky knit is because we all know 9 times out of 10 we leave the UK cold or we come back to it cold, so having a chunky knit to hand will make sure we are not covered in Goosebumps waiting for the bus back to our car.

Maxi Dress or Skirt

The maxi dress or skirt, are great because they look fashionable but are also comfortable wear. They also save up some space in your case because they can be worn again when you are on your hols. I love to throw on a maxi dress or skirt when popping down to breakfast or in between trips to the pool. Flatforms for me are also essential, they are comfy to travel in and great once you get on holiday because can be used for day to night outfits, they are a big MUST for me.

Flares or Culottes

The culottes or flares are another great airport item because again they are comfy but very on trend. Make sure you choose soft, airy fabrics, as you want to be able to move with ease in them. These,de like the maxi skirt can also be used on your hols. I love to pair my culottes with some killer heels for dinners and the flairs with crop tops if we are hitting a club.

Once you arrive at your destination you still want to look and feel great. Making sure you have some chewing gum or mints in your hand luggage will help make sure your breath still smells fresh after a long flight. Another great tip I have is to make sure in your hand luggage you have Stila Convertible Colour for Lips and Cheeks from ASOS. We all know travelling can be tiring but you want to look your best for when you arrive at your hotel and having a make up item you can use on your lips and cheeks will help brighten your face up again. Don’t forget to follow these great hand luggage tips from Purple Parking though, as we all know how stressful it can be when your luggage weights too much, you don’t want any more extra expenses you want be able to chill out and relax.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Life Update and Holiday OOTD

Well it has been a while hasn't it. I thought I would share with you what I have been up to and why I have not blogged in over a month, with an outfit for good measure. So in the last month I have been on holiday, got a puppy, been to secret garden party, attended two wedding and got a new job. It has been the busiest month I have had in a very long time.

The Holiday

Glenn and I rented out a villa off a family friend in Camposol, Spain for a week and hardly did anything but chill. We both really needed it because the last year has been a hard one. The villa was perfect with our own pool and BBQ, plus we rented a car that I drove (only almost went the wrong way round a roundabout twice, I think thats pretty good) so we could do a 'little' exploring.

The Puppy

The day after we got back from our holiday we picked up Ishka (she is currently asleep on my lap as I am writing cute) our pug puppy. Now I have wanted a pug for about 8 years now so it still all feels a bit surreal, and although it is hard work I am loving every minute. She has a lot of character, snores loudly and apparently does not like the rain (I do not blame her). If you follow my instagram I am sorry for the pug spam but I am afraid it probably will not stop.

The Job

So I am leaving PRC and moving to a company called 3AAA's. A bit scary because I have been at PRC for five and half years but I will only be teaching the digital marketing and social media apprenticeships which I cannot wait for. This also means I have even more reason to work harder on my blog and photography website. So expect more posts coming your way.

The Outfit

Last but not least I will end with a little outfit post. It is one from my holiday and hopefully when someone tells the sun it is still AUGUST I will be able to wear something like this again.

OOTD Details

Skirt- £3 Primark
Lace Top- £3 eBay
Sunglasses- £5 Vintage
Sandals- £12 F&F

So theres my little update. Hope you are all well and look out for some more posts popping up on Style With Friends.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Fringe Off: Boho Festival

Outfit Details
Skirt- £10 Primark Old (similar)
Crop Top- £6 Forever 21
Boots- £5 eBay (won from eBay)
Waistcoat- £3 eBay
Body Jewellery- £2 eBay
Bindi- £2 eBay 
Necklace- £1.50 Primark

Here is the third instalment of the Fringe Off collaboration, there is only 2 of us this time as Trixie has been super busy and now off sunning herself (something I will also be doing when this post goes live...yay), but don't worry she will be back in the next Fringe Off challenge. The theme was boho festival and I like the fact Cassy and I both have a bit of crochet in our outfit. One of my favourite things about festivals is getting away with over accessorising and that is exactly what I have gone for in this look. The maxi skirt is nice and flowy for when I am twirling around to the music and so I can easily put my legs in the sun if it's out. I am off to secret garden party in a few weeks and cannot wait. You doing any festivals this year? Make sure you check out Cassy's look here.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

90's Sister OOTD ft New Look

OOTD Details
Skirt- £9:99 New Look
Top- Similar
Denim Tie Top- Similar

I love shooting my little sister she is such a natural in front of the camera. We went for a 90's themed outfit in this look (I am a little obsessed with 90's style). It's a very simple look to recreate. Hoping your all having a lovely day....where the hell is the sun!!!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Yellow Summer Outfit ft Primark

Outfit Details

Skirt- £10 Primark
Top- Gift
Sandals- £12 F&F (old)
Headpiece- £1.50 eBay
Sunglasses- £10 Vintage (similar here)

This field was just too good not use as a backdrop, perfect for a summer feel outfit. Black maxi skirts are one of those items that come in handy every summer. Perfect for strolling down the beach, chilling at a BBQ or wearing to work to keep you cool. This one is from good old Primark, cheap and light weight material. You do just need to make sure you are not wearing patterned pants underneath otherwise that may lead to some embarrassing stares. My headpiece collection is growing. I just love how a simple piece of head jewellery can really make an outfit and with the crazy selection on eBay my collection is going to continue to grow. Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, even though the weather has been a disappointment.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Reclaimed Vintage ft ASOS

Outfit Details
Jumpsuit- Reclaimed Vintage ASOS £21.50
Hat- Ebay £3.99
Jacket- Borrowed from my sister (thanks)
Shoes- JuJu (old)

I am having a love affair with wide leg jumpsuits. I brought two last month and this is one of them (expect the other to feature soon). It's a reclaimed vintage piece from ASOS and is cut out on the back. It will be coming with me to secret garden party for sure. I love how it flows when I walk and the floppy hat just gives it that added 70s vibe.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dirty Bones & Designs of the Year

When I meet up with Cassy a few weeks ago we visited the Design Museum and got lost in all the great designs up for the design of the year award. We started by going round the small section dedicated to design over the years. It made you think about the necessities like a syringe and what a brilliant design it was. It opened up my eyes to all the everyday designs I now take for granted.

We then moved onto the designs that had been nominated and some of these blew my mind. There was a device designed by Lyndsey Bryce and Christopher Murphy that attaches to a cows tail and then texts the vet when the muscles start to relax because the cow is going into labour....say whattttt!!! 

The one that blew me away the most, was the 3D printed arm designed by 'Not Impossible' that helped Daniel who had lost both his arms be able to eat his breakfast on his own for the first time in a long time. Technology and how advance it is becoming does scare me, but it is changing so many lives for the better and this exhibition highlighted that to me.

After spending hours at the design museum we then headed for some food. If you love a dirty burger and you are a fan of mac and cheese then you have got to visit Dirty Bones, not only is the 70's style decor a visual treat, I cannot get the Mac Daddy burger out of my thoughts. It came cooked medium with a nice helping of pulled pork, then smothered in mac and cheese and held together by a brioche bun. It was probably one of the best burgers I have had to date. Cassy and I shared a portion dirty fries that were just as pleasing as the burger. We also arrived on time to abuse the happy cocktail hour and gave a Mutt's Nuts and a Top Dog ago, both were delicious but the Top Dog had that sweetness from a cocktail that I love.

Neither of us could resist a pud so Cassy gave the Coffee Donutini a taste and I went for the Peanut Butter Cookie Cup. These also did not disappoint but just to warn you the coffee martini was really strong.

Now the decor just topped off Dirty Bones for me and made it the perfect package for a burger restaurant. There were so many things to look at, old cameras on shelfs, 70's style lamps, patterned tiles, old pinball machines and the toilets were so vintage I felt like I had gone back in time.

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