Friday, 26 August 2016

The Wedding Series- The Engagement Shoot

This weeks wedding series is on our engagement shoot. The photographer we would choose for the wedding was really important as I knew the style of photos I wanted, Glenn left this one to me as he knew how strongly I felt about the quality of the images. Because of this I always knew we needed an engagement shoot at least 9 months before the wedding, just incase I didn't like the photographer so I had enough time to find someone else.

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Wedding Series- Handmade Invites

I am back again for another wedding series post, this time it is all about the invites. For all the stationary for the wedding we wanted a running theme so the same style was applied, this included the font, illustrations, colours, paper and look. I designed the save the dates and invites on Photoshop and one of my very talented bridesmaids Julia drew the main illustrations. As the theme of the wedding was vintage, lace and pears I also wanted to incorporate this somewhere.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Secret Garden Party 2016

A few weeks ago I visited probably one of my favourite places in the world for the third time, Secret Garden Party. I decided this time I wanted a video memory of it, I left my Go Pro at home like a muppet so filmed it all on my phone instead. It is not the best quality but still holds some great memories and I know in a few months I can look back at it and smile. I have decided that I wanted to create more video diaries. I don't do talking to the camera (unless it's snapchat) so they will literally be clips edited to music. I think it will create a really nice bank of video memories.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Wedding Series- Bridesmaid Boxes

Well it has been a while hasn't it. I feel like the last 6 months have whizzed past. I am now married and have a new job that I start on the 1st August which is all a bit mental. As my wedding consumed my life for almost two years it wouldn't be right if I didn't blog about it so my returning post is the first in a series of wedding themed items. I am also going to be turning the blog into more of a lifestyle blog rather then just fashion because I have decided I want it to be able to look back at is a dairy of what I go up to, as well as cringing out some awful outfits and praising the good ones.

So lets begin with my first 'The Wedding Series' entry. One of the items I wanted to create for my lovely Bridesmaids was a box of goodies so here is what I put together.

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